Whether you’re celebrating a Wedding, Corporate Event, Festival or Private Party, our Dream Team comes equipped with gorgeous, custom-to your event temporary flash tattoos,  stunning chunky glitter: artistically applied on your face, hair or body + our team of hair stylist to give you that dreamy boho quick style, with a specialty in braiding.



Erin Nicole Clement: University of Pittsburgh: PR Intern

"As a self proclaimed social media guru, this is a dream internship for me because it combines all things fashion and fun on so many different platforms! I'm blessed to be part of one of the most inspiring girl squads in the festival business."

Founder: Kelly Root

I started going to music festivals at a fairly young age and I have always been inspired by the bohemian free-spirited girl that frequently dances the night away. This is where the idea came to life and bohofaux was created. We wanted to give that boheme girl an option to have a stylish boho braid and add a touch of sparkle with our chucky glitter that keeps her shining all night under the stars. It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together. I have always been at my happiest state when I am creating. Starting this company has allowed me to continuously keep building a vision that I am enormously proud of. 


Tel: 412.500.1701

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